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RowCod CompanyPersian NameProduct Name
1101614MerckAgar-Agar (pure) granül
2101613MerckAgar-Agar (ultra pure) granül
3101800MerckAlkaline Pepton Water
4116387MerckAnaerobic jar 2,5 l-volume for microbiology
5113829MerckAnaerocult A for microbiology
6101611MerckAnaerocult A mini Gas generating system for the incubation
7116275MerckAnaerocult C for microbiology
8113807MerckAnaerocult P for microbiology
RowCod CompanyPersian NameProduct Name
9115112MerckAnaerotest for microbiology
10105272MerckAntibiotic agar no. 1 for microbiology
11101590MerckAzide dextrose broth for microbiology
12111351MerckBactident Catalase Reagent for the detection of catalase
13113306MerckBactident Coagulase Rabbit plasma with EDTA, lyophilized
14113300MerckBactident Oxidase 50 test strips
15105406MerckBAIRD-PARKER agar Staphylococcus selective agar (base) acc
16107994MerckBAT agar for microbiology
RowCod CompanyPersian NameProduct Name
17100072MerckBile Aesculin Azide Agar acc to ISO 7899-2 for microbiology
18110747MerckBPLS agar
19107237MerckBPLS agar for the isolation of Salmonella
20107232MerckBPLS agar for the isolation of Salmonella USP
21113825MerckBrain heart agar for the cultivation of fastidious microorganisms
22110493MerckBrain heart broth for the cultivation of fastidious bacteria
23105454MerckBRILA broth Brilliant-green bile lactose broth for microbiology
24101617MerckBryant Burkey broth with Resazurin and Lactate for microbiology
RowCod CompanyPersian NameProduct Name
25109628MerckBuffered Listeria Enrichment Broth (base) acc
26111723MerckCasein-peptone lecithin polysorbate broth (base) for microbiology
27105267MerckCereus selective agar base acc
28105284MerckCetrimide agar Pseudomonas selective agar base for microbiology
29116122MerckChromocult® TBX (Tryptone Bile X-glucuronide) Agar
30100888MerckClostridium perfringens selective supplement for microbiology
31101298MerckColiforms 100 Readycult
32101295MerckColiforms 50 Readycult
RowCod CompanyPersian NameProduct Name
33110455MerckColumbia agar (base) for the cultivation
34109202MerckCT-Supplement for microbiology
35100778MerckCult Dip combi
36113311MerckCULTURA mini incubator (220 V) for microbiology
37100465MerckDichloran Glycerol (DG18)-Agar for microbiology
38100466MerckDichloran Rose-Bengal Chloramphenicol Agar DRBC
39110765MerckEC broth for microbiology
40105403MerckEE Broth-MOSSEL acc. harm. EP/USP/JP
RowCod CompanyPersian NameProduct Name
41103784MerckEgg yolk emulsion sterile, for microbiology
42103785MerckEgg yolk tellurite emulsion sterile, for microbiology
43101347MerckEMB agar for the detection and isolation
44104044MerckENDO agar for